About the company

Specializing on distributing in lines of electronics components and servicing in microelectronics industry, as well as stepping together with new times of information era, Zui Ai Technology Corp Limited, which founded in Hsinchu, Taiwan, since 1997, is making progress and benefit with Taiwan, mainland China OEMs/ODMs, Singapore EMS as well as EU and US customers worldwide.


Zui Ai Technology Corp Limited, just like other small firms, is growing quickly too on distributing active parts and passive parts. And accompanying new times, internet economy, 3G/4G and incoming 5G, intelligent mobile, automotive electronics, there are many opportunities to make a dramatic growth while consumer and industrial markets demand massive electronics components such as operating amplifiers, A/D and D/A converter, processor & DSP, sensor & MEMS, switches and multiplexors, power modules and power managements, RF and microwave, high speed logic & data path management, as well as some passive parts like transistors, diodes, connectors, fuses, capacitors and resistors which are numerous used in every circuit. As all of us known Bitcoin mining machines, they are driving a crazy time of block chain economy. Perhaps in future, our lives will be changed and step a second intelligent society while electronics components world becomes more smart and intelligent.


Zui Ai Technology Corp Limited is your partner in global supply chain and industry-front electronic components distributing. We are focusing on helping create component lifecycle and streamlining manufacturing processing and servicing you through challenging market trends, inventory and supply chain management.


All, we want to do, is to fulfill our customers demands with our service, professional skills and satisfy our customers together growing with us under both of our hardworking and strategies, as incoming big opportunities are flooding and surging in new era. We are open always to welcome everything and we treat every customers as partner to create as well as enjoy any achievement together.